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The Angel Answers Journal Experience is a 38-Page e-book journaling workbook which will assist you in deepening your connection to the 15 Archangels.

Even if you have some experience with the Archangels, going through this workbook and taking the time to journal on each experience will highten your daily connection to the Angels and open your ability to channel their Divine insight on a whole new level!

*I have also included the 528Hz Angelic Code meditation (20min) that you can use to "open & connect" for each exercise, if you choose.

Have you joined our online monthly Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle Program? This is a safe, supporting and inclusive online community of like-minded spiritual people where you can share experiences, connect and take our online 13-month spiritual mentorship lessons to keep you active on your path!

If you would like to continue learning and working witht the Angelic Realm, our community's Mentorship Circle offers self-paced learning, FREE access to 2x month Spirit Guide Power Hour private group Zoom rooms (value of $40), the online course, Private Facebook Group (Mystic Mind Mentorship) and more! Click the botton below to add it to your cart in 1 easy step!

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Discounted Angel Meditations Starter Pack

The Angel Meditations Starter Pack includes 20+ Angel Meditations to help you learn how to connect to the Archangels, clear your energy, and get answers to questions. Guided-Style, some recorded live
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Power Hour Meditation Series Class - ZOOM

Join us for a unique ZOOM experience where we will have open Spiritual Q & A, mini-Energy Readings, as well as a Sound Therapy meditation portion to heal, manifest & remove limiting belief systems.
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Mystic Mentorship Circle Program

The Mystic Mentorship program is a supportive space to grow your spiritual gifts. FREE Access To Power Hour Events Monthly (Group Mentoring), Like-Minded Community, Livestreams, Self-Paced Course, etc
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